Welcome to Uniting for Ukrainian Kids

Together Ministry is proud to present the United for Ukrainian Kids program, a life-changing initiative that aims to bring hope, healing, and a brighter future to thousands of children in Ukraine affected by the war with Russia.

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How We're Helping

By partnering with compassionate families worldwidewe provide a unique opportunity for these children to experience spiritualand social rehabilitation and rediscover their potential.

Program Description

What We Do
Our program provides support to Ukrainian children and families affected by the war with Russia.

Why We Do It
Our goal is to help children overcome their trauma, learn new skills, and rebuild their lives.

How We Do It
We offer a range of activities, including art therapy, sports, and outdoor education, to help children process their experiences and gain new perspectives.

Our vision is to rescue and provide a safe haven for war orphans affected by Russia's war in Ukraine, who have lost their families and homes to violence and unrest.

We strive to offer these children a holistic healing process, including emotional, physical, and mental recovery in a nurturing environment that promotes restoration and growth.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our mission to make a differencein the lives of these children. With your support, we canwork together to break the cycle of violence, foster hope,and create a world where every child can thrive.