Become A Host

Make a Personal and Impactful Difference!

Would you like to transform a child's life and make a meaningful impact? We're actively searching for families interested and capable of becoming hosts for the Uniting for Ukrainian Kids Program.

Ideal host families are part of the Ukrainian diaspora or have at least one family member who speaks Ukrainian or Russian. This cultural connection can help ease the transition for the children and create a more enriching experience for all involved.

By opening your home and heart, you can provide these children with a safe haven where they can heal, grow, and experience the joys of childhood. Make a difference today, and help us build bridges of hope for the future.

Register To Be A Hosting Family

To host a child from Ukraine requires a donation of $3,200. It is preferred that each hosting family is responsible for fundraising the fees.

This cost covers the many expenses associated with the child's travel including:

-Airfare for each child
-Transportation from Ukraine to the airport in Poland (two shuttles - for get visas and go back and for flight to US and back)
-Luggage fees
-Meals during travel period
-Hotel during travel period
-Chaperones airfare (Approximately 1 chaperone per 10 children)
-Children's visas, passports and other government documents required to travel
-Certification and Translation of documents related to travel
-Insurance for medical emergencies
 If you are interested in becoming a hosting family, please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

All hosting money is considered a donation and is tax-deductible* as NHFC is a non-profit IRS approved 501-(c) 3 Corporation.
All hosting families must have several required pieces in place before hosting, including but not limited to:

-Criminal background checks
-Reference checks
-Training on a caring home a child with trauma