Our Impact: Thanks to the "U4U Kids" project, 3,000 Ukrainian children are able to be rehabilitated, providing them with a new opportunity for a happier life. This project helps to transform the destinies of these children, giving them a chance to thrive. 

Where: The program will be organized in different countries depending on the availability of host families and resources. Each country will have a team of host families responsible for organizing the program and placing the children. The program will be funded by donations from host families, as well as large sponsors who want to support Ukrainians. 

When: “U4U Kids” project will be an ongoing program that will take place throughout the year in different countries. Each session will last 3-4 weeks, depending on the availability of host families and resources. The program will be organized in cooperation with the local organizations. 

Program Overview

The Uniting for Ukrainian Kids project is a life-changing 3-4 week program designed to connect children affected by the conflict in Ukraine with caring families in other countries. Our hosting families provide a safe and supportive environment where children can heal from the trauma of war, build lasting relationships with caring adults, and discover their potential for a brighter future

Our Approach

At the core of our program is a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of a child's well-being. We focus on the following:

Physical Well-being: We ensure that children receive proper medical attention if needed and nutritious meals throughout their stay with the hosting families, promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-being: Our hosting families offer emotional and spiritual counseling to help children cope with the psychological impact of war, fostering resilience and a sense of hope.

Cultural, Creative, and Community Activities: We encourage children to engage in cultural, creative, and community activities, such as attending local events, exploring arts and crafts, and participating in sports and games. These experiences allow them to learn about different cultures and build connections with their hosting families and communities.

Educational Support: We recognize the importance of education in a child's development and work with our hosting families to provide educational support, ensuring that children continue their learning journey during their stay.

Life Skills Development: We empower children by teaching them essential life skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in the future.


Travel program: settlement and stay with families of the Ukrainian diaspora and supporters of Ukraine. Children will have the opportunity to visit museums, parks, churches, and schools, interact with peers, learn about the local culture, improve their English skills, and potentially meet with representatives of local authorities. The program also includes entertainment programs and shopping.

The organizers of the project are NGO Together Ministry from the American side, which has experience in providing rest and rehabilitation in the USA for over 800 Ukrainian children through the "Family to Family" project. On the Ukrainian side, the project is led by a partner church in cooperation with the NGO "All-Ukrainian Cathedral," with additional support from...

The project is financed by families in the host country, as well as partners and donors. It covers expenses such as visa fees, round-trip transfers or flights, child insurance, accommodation and meals, program fees, and other expenses during the stay in the host country.   The host family and accompanying person are responsible for ensuring the child's safety throughout their stay.

Primary Schedule

*Minor changes are possible in the schedule depending on the city of stay.
Preliminary schedule*:
Day 1 Transfer.  from Ukraine to Poland.                                          
Day 2. Flight Poland to USA.      
Day 3 Accommodation in families.
Day 4 Meeting with the program organizers, introducing, welcome lunch.
Day 5-10 Visiting parks, churches…..                                
Day 11-17 Children’s day camp.    
Day 18-27 Museum tours, zoos, rest, shopping.
Day 28 Flight from the USA to Poland.
Day 29. Transfer from Poland to Ukraine